The purpose of the Women’s Dental Study club is to create an accepting environment where female dentists can share clinical experiences, create new ideas, and grow successfully as health care professionals. It does not make a difference if you are very experienced or if you are just beginning your career in dental school.  Furthermore, it does not matter if you are a general dentist or a specialist.  We all see patients!!  What does matter is your desire and willingness to share impressions from your life.  In the dental treatment room and out.

It is my sincere wish to not only improve the quality of your dental techniques but more importantly to improve the quality of your life. We welcome input on all sorts of subjects:  lifestyles issues, relationships, skin care, beauty, fashion.  The really key point is the following:  this is not about me.  Rather … this is your blog, Ladies!!! I’m hoping that you’ll wish to contribute with comments and articles so that we can create a true community of colleagues. You can also follow us on Facebook.  Just click the icon on the lower right of the page.  Let’s Rock This!!!  ~ Dr. Anne Koch